Corporate Productivity Multiplier

How to multiply to individual, team and organizational productivity in one year, with instant results from day one with no extra headcount or overhead.

In all my years of training, coaching and consulting, I have found that two recurring questions most organizations and business leaders grapple with, even today are:

How do I multiply the productivity of my people without additional allocation of resources?

How can a leader extract the smarts and maximum effort from each member of his team?

Increase Productivity Immediately Without More Resources!


Think for a moment what that means. The same staff you have now, with no increase in pay or equipment can immediately start producing more. Within a year they won’t just be 10% or 20% ahead of where they are now. Your team will be producing MORE than 100% of their current output.

Your sales will explode. Your profits will increase by leaps and bounds. And you will finally save that extra capital you will need to grow your business in ways that may be impossible now. 

This is the revolutionary system that far surpasses the efficiency methods and motivational management routines of the past. Now you can get dramatically better results without spending more.

The Corporate Productivity Multiplier is a system that can MULTIPLY individual, team and organization productivity in a single year, thereafter, achieving year-after-year explosive growth in double digits with virtually flat resources. You will start seeing impressive results right away.

Grow your company without the usual pains and frustrations of working with ineffective and unproductive workforce and, build a responsible team and organization, where losing is unacceptable, passion is unquenchable, morale is all the time high, creativity is essential, quitting is unthinkable, commitment is unquestionable, winning is mandatory and achieving year-after-year explosive growth in double digits with virtually flat resources is guaranteed.

What result and productivity level could you, your team and organization achieve:

  • If you can get twice as much from your people?
  • If they all offer the very best of their thinking, creativity and ideas?
  • If your people give more than their jobs require and volunteer their discretionary effort, energy, and resourcefulness?
  • What if they actively search for more valuable ways to contribute?
  • And if they hold themselves to the highest standards and give 100 percent of their abilities to the work – and then more?

Extending intelligence, capability, growth and productivity without additional headcount

Not only does right leadership extract capability and intelligence from people, they do it in a way that extends and grow that intelligence. 

People often say this type of leadership got more than 100% of their capability.

There is the tendency to push back when somebody would say “Oh they got 120 percent from me” because getting more than 100 percent is mathematically impossible.

Why would people insist that a type of leadership got more out of them than they actually had?

Research confirmed that the right type of leadership not only access people’s current capability, they stretch it.

They get more from people than they knew they had to give. The implication of the research is that intelligence itself can grow.

What if you got not only 2 X more from your team – everything they had to give – but also get 5 to 10 percent growth bonus because they were getting smarter and more capable while working for you.

That will be growth without additional headcount! And if leaders of organizations can do this effectively, they’ll get outstanding results.  It’s as simple as that.

But there’s a problem

Most leaders and team leads today don’t know how to do this for themselves and other people. They don’t know how to help solve the kind of nagging problems that come up in their teams and organizations, over and again.

Many leaders today are struggling to make better use of their resources.

Most of these leaders had developed their leadership skills during times of growth.

However, in a more austere business climate, they found themselves unable to solve problems by simply throwing more resources at the problems.

They needed to find ways to boost the productivity of people the already had.

The questions most leaders attempt to find answers to today:

How do I multiply the productivity of my people without additional allocation of resources?

How can a leader extract the smarts and maximum effort from each member of his team?

Are your people proudly saying he got 100% from me or they are saying he really only got from me about 50% of what I got to offer? 

The old and no longer effective logic of addition of more resources

This is the dominant logic that has existed in corporate planning: that resource will be added when new requests are made.

Senior executives ask for more output and the next layer operational leaders request more head count.

The negotiation go back and forth until everyone settles on a scenario such as: 20 percent more output with 5 percent more resources. Neither the senior executive nor the operational leaders are satisfied.

See what some of our students have to say about the program – Corporate Productivity Multiplier

Samuel Babatunde
/ Managing Director, OKLNG

This program is with immediate impact… I highly recommend it for organizations’ leaders that want to create results in their organization.

It’s being quite some time I sat in a program to enjoy a point to point, easy presentation along with the manual, guide book and templates like I went through this program. Simple; very apt; easy to understand; down-to-earth strategies; for effective leadership and life that thus make them irrefutable. Glad I hearkened to the recommendation of a colleague who had earlier participated in the program. The frankness of discussions and leadership of our Lead Trainer – Hyacinth Aneke, also highly contributed to my high rating of the program and capped by the very fruitful interactive sessions amongst participants. I highly recommend this program for organizations’ leaders that want to create real result through their people. As like anything in life, I always believe in securing a gain or better still Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) at any training or program. Indeed I came with more likely to receive just a bit of refreshing on what I should have known for decades before then. Suffice to say, program added more value to me than expected, some of which manifested immediately at another related course I attended in Boston USA with IHRDC on Essential Skills for Senior Managers in Oil & Gas Industry which got me selected to lead one of the two Syndicate groups on the two weeks course.
beautiful woman avatar character icon
Funmi Aiyepekun
/ General Manager, Equipment Hall Ltd

“It has been life Transforming.”

I had handled a few leadership positions in the course of my career, but the current one I was handling challenged me significantly and I needed some answers that I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I was very fortunate to be recommended for this program and sincerely it has been LIFE TRANSFORMING. I have received insight regarding most challenges I have had. I have received confirmation regarding some actions/plans I had/was planning to implement and received direction on many other things. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to be an effective leader and who has aspirations to impact the lives of others and create massive results. My results with people have been outstanding afterwards.
Dapo Adeyemo
/ Exploration Manager, Chevron

The reality of me is revealed…

After over 25 years working for a multinational oil company and over ten years of this in leadership position, all the relationship mistakes and all the leadership mistakes made in my life are hereby revealed. The reality of me is revealed, and thus I have an opportunity to correct myself and make changes for better result going forward in my organization, career and life. I recommend that organizations should take their people through this program earlier in their career.
Okechukwu Ufomadu
/ Business Unit Head, GLO Nigeria

---this program has also helped me get more instant results in my dealing with supervisors, clients, colleagues and friends.

This program has not only exposed me to true leadership, it has further given me whole new ideas that have repeatedly helped me in my thought process and management. The program in general did impact my life significantly. This has reflected in my understanding of what leadership truly mean. This has also helped me get more instant result in my dealing with supervisors, clients, colleagues and friends. I will say I am better refined now and have opened my thoughts even more. Every module teaches me a whole new thing. The training also revived my rather dead reading culture – that alone is an achievement considering my rather very weak reading culture. I am totally changed with this great experience.

This program is going to radically alter your life, your team, and organization...

... And help you, your team and organization create a LOT of results and help a LOT of people do same. Could there be anything better?

No apologies! No political correctness! No guilt!

Just results and totally owning it! Without fear, without worry, just living the best life you deserve and creating the results you desire.

The Corporate Productivity Multiplier program is the most valuable, complete and one-of-a-kind program designed to teach you and every member of your organization virtually everything you need to know to create your desired results in life and your organization, live with purpose and work with true passion and freedom.

You and your people will feel the sense of confidence, direction and accomplishment the moment you commence the program. Results begin to show immediately.

You do not need to go through the pains and confusion of seeking these proven techniques to create lasting results out on your own as these techniques are tried and tested, and have been delivering consistent results the world over.

The 21 Modules Program in the Corporate Productivity Multiplier Includes:

1. Leadership Lid Lifter :

This will help participants discover their leadership lid and factors responsible for the level of results they are currently creating, what they can do to raise their leadership lid, those of their team members, improve personal and organization effectiveness and dramatically improve individual and team results and productivity.

2. Building an influential workforce in your organization:

This module teaches participants that leadership, effectiveness and productivity cannot be awarded, appointed or assigned. It comes only from influence and that cannot be mandated. This module teaches the 7 factors of influence and how to use influence to create massive result through people. This module reveals the secret of high productivity team

3. The organization daily development process:

The secret of our success is discovered in OUR DAILY AGENDA. The module teaches participants how to develop their daily growth agenda for success and create a growth conscious team and organization. Participants will learn steps, routines and disciplines, that team leads can start developing in the workplace today with fellow workers, employees, and managers; Also the tools and supports they can offer their team members to create a growth conscious and highly productive organization.

4. Charting the course to your desired outcome:

This modules teaches participants how to get clarity in their lives, team and organization; where they are, where they want go from where they are and how to get there. This module teaches how to develop clear road map as a good navigator, planning ahead, achieving desired goals and reaching desired destinations as an organizational culture.

5. Being in charge versus building a great organization:

This module teaches participant how they can add great value to their team and organization and multiply individual efforts using proven strategies that are not intuitively known to 99% of employees and organizations. This secret is never taught in any business school.

6. The solid ground for result and growth:

This module teaches the fundamentals required for organizational effectiveness and how to get your team to put their heart to their assignment. Participants will learn how to ensure that team-members are consistent with their performance and not only work on the days they feel good.

7. Building an Organization that goes the Extra –Mile:

People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves – This module teaches participants how to tap into the discretionary goodwill of their workforce by getting them to VOLUNTARILY go the extra mile to bring to the table a little bit more of their own potential. Participants will learn how to be a leader that causes others to willingly go the extra mile in achieving the goal and vision of the organization.

8. Building an intuitive workforce:

This module teaches decision making by intuition with minimal data. Participant will learn how to read situation without adequate data and make informed decisions. Participants will learn how to read situations, trends, people, read and leverage resources to achieve organizational goals.

9. Who You Are Is Who You Attract:

This module teaches participants how to clarify and align personal and organization vision and mission. People have the natural tendency to attract people that are exactly like them. The challenge with this is that it could lead to a single strength organization. This module teaches how to have a team with the balance skills sets required to achieve the team or organization mission. Participants will learn how to attract the right people with the right fit to achieve the desired mission.

10. How to touch a heart before you ask for a hand:

This module teaches how to connect with yourself so you can connect with others. Participants will learn proven techniques on how to ensure people get along with them so they can go along with them. Many people communicate only few connect. This module will teach participants how to connect with people to influence them for better team and organization results.

11. The high potential Inner cycle:

A Leader’s potential is determined by those closest to him. This module teaches techniques of intentionally creating strategic high potential inner cycle for result beyond individual capacity alone. Participants will learn relationship and team building skills that will skyrocket their potential and possible results.

12. Developing the security to give power to others:

Only secure leaders can give power to others. In this module, participants will learn how to grow result by empowering others, discover the barriers to empowerment, how to break those barriers, empower others and lead well. Participants will learn how to increase themselves by increasing others, how to enlarge themselves by enlarging others and therefore shifting from positional power to people’s power for an amazingly effective team building and team results.

13. Modeling the right organization culture:

This module teaches participants how to teach, lead, create and model the behaviors and pictures required for achieving set organizational goals. Participants will learn how to consistently ensure that the people’s actions in the organization line up with the beliefs, core values, missions and vision of the organization. Participants will learn how to be the catalyst for positive change and learn proven techniques to model the desired organization culture.

14. Organization Vision: Communication and Buy-in:

This module teaches how to create, communicate organization vision to get buy-in. The module teaches a deep understanding of necessary and sufficient requirements for a vision to get the people’s buy in. Participants will also learn how to create and sustain loyalty within the organization. This is required to consistently create successful changes within the team and organization with all stakeholders buy-in.

15. Creating a winning team and a winning organization:

This module teaches how to build a responsible team, where losing is unacceptable, passion is unquenchable, creativity is essential, quitting is unthinkable, commitment is unquestionable and victory is mandatory. Participant will learn how to develop a team with the right mental attitude as the vehicle needed by organization to be highly productive and deliver great results. The mindset that says losing is not an option and winning is mandatory.

16. Momentum and organization result:

Momentum remains the great exaggerator and organization results magnifier. This module teaches the role of momentum in creating results beyond individual and team capacity. Participants will learn how momentum makes geniuses out of leaders in any organization that have it. In this module, participants will learn how to create, use and control Momentum for results beyond the capability of the organization.

17. Priority - Activity is not always equal productivity:

According to Pareto Principles 20% of effort, people and resources is responsible for 80% of results. This module teaches how to prioritize based on proven principles such as what is required, the return on effort and the reward of work done and more. In this module participants will learn how to consistently prioritize to continue to be effective in fulfilling the vision of the organization.

18. You must give up to go up:

In this module, participants will learn what growth really means, individually, as a team and organization. This module teaches that every result requires sacrifice and growth stops where the price gets too high. Participants will learn how to sacrifice much that is good in other to stay dedicated to what is best. Participant will also learn the cost of staying at the top and sustaining high productivity, thereby avoiding destination disease. Participants will also learn the things that must not be given up in creating any result whatsoever.

19. When to lead is as important as what to do and where to go:

This module teaches the role of timing in creating desired results. Participant will learn the consequence of wrong action at the wrong time – Disaster and how to avoid it, the consequences of the right action at the wrong time –Resistance and how to avoid it, the consequence of the wrong action at the right time – Mistake and how to avoid it. Participant will also learn that Ultimate Success and great results is the consequence of right action at the right time. Participants will learn how to determine the right actions and the right timing for any given situation.

20. The organization secret of explosive growth:

This module teaches that growth is possible by addition and what to do to grow by addition. The module also teaches that growth is possible by multiplication (explosive growth) and what are secrets to achieving explosive growth. In this module, participants will learn the secret of explosive growth by multiplication, challenges of explosive growth, how to overcome these challenges and keep multiplying the organization results.

21. Legacy – Your lasting value:

An average worker spends over 50% of their waking time at work. So work is a major part of life. This module teaches participants how to create answers to the following life questions for deeper life meaning and how to have a meaningful work life: Your life is a book, what are you writing on it and what should you be writing on it? One day, the final chapter will be written, what will it say? How does today’s story prepare you for the last chapter? What is the one sentence people will say to describe your life and your work? Would you like to change that sentence? This module will teach participants to write their life sentence. Why is it important to pay attention to life sentence? Your life sentence not only sets the direction for your life but it also determines the legacy you will leave. Success does not count for much if you leave nothing behind. What will the organization remember you for? This program will help participant develop their leadership legacy.

Our goal here is to contribute to Corporate Transformation, Peak Performance and Productivity by helping corporate leaders and members of their organization grow into their full potential for improved individual and collective results. Our goal is to help grow Africa’s public, private and not for profit sectors for the highest effectiveness, peak performance, massive results and productivity.

So – How Much Is All This Going To Cost?

I am going to share the price with you in a moment, but before I do, I am going to share with you why this program actually means much more to us than the money; why this is inexpensive and may be the most inexpensive program your organization have ever purchased for the same value.

A full 3 days residential Productivity Multiplier program for executives like this usually goes for $5000 per participant in the United State, excluding travelling cost. But we will be giving you a special offer on this one.

Why Our Special Offer?

Because The Corporate Productivity Campaign is a cause we are pursuing with this program and because of the contributions we are determined to make to the corporate ecosystem, we give this special offer.

We believe it is our life’s purpose, our mission and our duty in life to get this to as many organizations as possible.

This is why we give this special offer in order to get more and more people and more and more organizations to experience this transformational program.

Also, we want to add value to as many corporate executives and as many corporate organizations as possible. For these reasons, we are giving this special offer for $3,000 per participant limited only to corporate organizations that value their people and are serious about corporate productivity for this period, after which the price goes back up.

Here’s the Cost of Not Solving the “Productivity Problem” in your organization.

What’s the potential cost of not solving the “Productivity problem” in your organization?

Everything! Incalculable!, Tragically astronomical!

What will be the cost of your organization’s failure?

That can be the cost of not solving your “organization productivity problem.”

This Is The Most Valuable Program We’ve Ever Offered Corporate Organizations… And We’ll Do Whatever We Can To Support You And Make Sure Your Organization is Able To Take Advantage Of It.

For any corporate organization with large number of participants that may want to provide for the logistics, venue, participants’ tea/coffee break and lunch, we are offering the program at the reduced cost of $2,000 per participant.

For Organizations that choose to opt for the virtual experience, we are offering the program at a further reduced cost of $1,500 per participant.

And if the discounts and special offer isn’t enough to get you excited, you’re also getting a Special Bonus!

Special Bonus: Special, One session, ZERO COST “Rapid Change and Achievement” Bonus Coaching Session valued at $350 per participant.

No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, the secrets to success are the same…

1: Get clear. As specifically as possible, decide what you want. The clearer you are on what you want to have in your life, the more likely you are to achieve it.

2: Get perspective. Most people don’t tell anyone what they want or what they are struggling with and because of that they don’t get an outside perspective.

3: Get support. Very few people (if any) achieve anything great alone. Sports stars have teammates and coaches. Be willing to ask the people in your life to support you.

In this zero cost, one coaching session bonus, we will work with you to:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for “ultimate success‟so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that is slowing down your progress.
  • Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the change you seek- once and for all.

Guarantee – Even Before You Start Your Program

There’s the Curiously Simple, Completely Unconditional, Weasel-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee after the first of the 3-day event for the first group of participants if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the program.

The CPM program is a 21-module, 3-day, No Risk - All Reward program. No advance payment is required and after a full one-half day of the entire program, by mid-session on day two, if participants haven’t absolutely received well over $1000 in value per participant, they are welcome to leave without payment or receive a full and immediate refund if your organization paid in advance.

Furthermore, there is a No-questioned-asked, 100% money-back one full year guarantee, if you can’t honestly state that your team and organization’s productivity had multiplied at least by a factor of 2 within one year.

If you don’t enjoy results that are good or better within one year starting from day one of applying the principles taught, we don’t deserve to keep your money. You have every right to ask for a full, no-questions-asked, on-the-spot, 100% refund if you don’t get value for your money.

Ready to Take That First Step towards Great Results?

Unfortunately, for most corporate organizations, current results will remain the same for a long time or possibly decline unless something different is done.

This program provides the great opportunity to identify and learn proven ways of improving results and productivity dramatically that is known and implemented only by top 5% of organizations in the world.

That is exactly what we do in this 3-day program called Corporate Productivity Multiplier program.

After this program, you and your organization can create more results in one year than most people will ever create in their entire life time.

This program is a life changer. It has transformed organizations and the life of many people all over the world and I am confident you and members of your organization will achieve the same result and more.

Unfortunately we can’t help every organization.

Now wait a minute, before you go any further, you need to know that we can’t help every organization. We can only be of benefit to organizations that understand value and are serious enough about the corporate success of their organization and those of their people.

Organizations that are serious enough to make the investment not just in the program, but investment in the disciplines that will ensure that what is taught in the program becomes a corporate culture. Otherwise, it will be waste of time and resources for us and especially for your organization.

So, if you are absolutely serious about the success of your organization and those of your people, then go ahead right now and register your organization for this program by putting your approval signature on this offer.

The secret of getting things done is to DO IT NOW! Go ahead NOW and register your organization by clicking the button below. DO IT NOW!

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